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Interface-wise, FaxMail for Windows is simple enough to use and people of all levels will find this program simple to set up. If you’ve sent a fax before, you’ll quickly notice that this program’s interface looks just like a fax interface, so there’s really no learning curve to be had. Users of all levels will appreciate the clean look of this program as compare to other programs in the fax category.


The idea behind this program is to provide users with a way to send a fax from anywhere. A simple button installed makes this possible, and users can send faxes from any program that can also print. Note: your computer must have a built in modem card in order to use this program.

Main Function

As far as sending and receiving faxes goes, FaxMail for Windows does the job well enough. The main problem (as numbers users have reported) is that this program tends to be riddled with Spyware. For that reason alone, make sure that you have an excellent virus protector installed on your computer before you download this program.

Extra Features

FaxMail for Windows falls short when it comes to features. In fact, there really aren’t any features of note other than the fact that users can send a fax from almost any program.


At $59.99, there are better (and more secure) products on the market. If you want to test out FaxMail for Windows, your best bet is to opt for the (limited) free trial offer, but just remember the aforementioned Spyware warning!

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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